Best Solution for Hair Loss

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We all know that hair transplants is one of the most reliable, effective, and safe procedure to get hair back on your head. However, you need to consider the cost of the transplant process as well. Do you know that cost of hair transplant depends on various factors?

In any case, there are many factors to think about before you go for a transplant, such as:

  • You must know that what is the exact reason or cause behind your balding?
  • Search, research, and gather more information about the treatments you have received on your hair and scalp, up until now.
  • Find out if you’re a right candidate for transplant surgery. The best method to do is by consulting the top transplant surgeons in your city.
  • Apart from that, figure out if you’re sufficiently fit to take care of the expenses and the cost of this treatment.

There are many alternative treatments available today which can bring good results for hair re-growth.

One among them is the Hair Re-Growth System (HRGS) Machine.

Hair Re-Growth System is an integrated system that utilizes Diode low level laser beam directly on the affected areas of the scalp with less hair. Laser beam at a wavelength 650nm penetrates into the roots of the hair follicles, activating weak hair follicle cells, improving vascularization and subsequently enhancing the blood circulation surrounding hair follicles, providing more oxygen, nutrients, vitamins and basic elements to stop hair falling and start hair re-growth.




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