Noble Shape

Noble Shape is a combinational device that outputs three technologies, Low Level Laser, Amplitude Modulated Middle Frequency and Radio Frequency at the same time while giving a strong Body-Slimming effect. Noble Shape is a solution for both fat and cellulite.

Why Noble Shape

There are multiple types of obesity. Different pattern of obesity development depends on individual’s diet habit, body shape and genetic factors. Desired body line cannot  be attained through a simple diet plan for weight loss. In particular, for cellulite resulting from irregular skin network that is overly formed, a simple reduction plan of caloric intake does not work. To comply with such shortcomings, Noble Shape is developed to address multiple types of obesity.


Low Level Laser

658nm Low Level Laser liquefies fat cells by forming temporary pores in the fat cell membrane Liquefied fat cells are completely destroyed leading to fat loss.

Amplitude Modulated middle Frequency

AMF induces stable stimulation to the human body through current modulation from 1 to 4000Hz. It makes quick muscle contraction & relaxation. 6 kind of programs can be applied according to the purpose of treatment.

Radio Frequency

When RF energy is delivered to the body, a ‘deep heat’ of 42 ~ 45 ℃ is generated. The deep heat induces fat cell reduction and body fat breakdown.



  • 4 Channels and 8 Pad
  • Rapid treatment with 30 min
  • Noninvasive  treatment
  • Automatically turns off at abnormal temperature
  • Reduction of fat cells/size reduction
  • No downtime