RF System 1MHz, Mono-polar & Bi-polar

  • Square Form Wave minimizes the deviation of energy to adjacent tissues and maximizes the effectiveness of RF energy delivery.

Safety and Guaranteed Result of Treatment

  • Agness is equipped with a safety checking system for the micro-insulated needle.
  • The micro insulation and needle protect the epidermis from skin burns.
  • The length of insulation and needle is the result of anatomical and clinical study of years.

Just follow the easy-to-do treatment protocols and the prognostics will always be predictable and manageable.



AGNES employs the stable and effective technology of RF on the base of
electrocoagulation and electro thermolysis mechanism. AGNES focuses its RF energy on the
targeted tissue considering the anatomical structure of the skin.

The micro insulated needle is used to transmit the energy for the destruction of specific tissues
like sebaceous glands for acne treatment.