Blossom™ IVTE

Blossom™ IVTE, is the Integrated Valve Tissue Expander by GC Aesthetics. The product is intended for temporary subcutaneous implantation and requires periodic, incremental inflation with sterile saline for injection until the desired amount of tissue is developed.

The use of a tissue expander includes:

• Reconstruction of the breast following subcutaneous mastectomy and other mastectomy procedures or trauma.

• Breast underdevelopment and combined breast and chest wall abnormalities.

• Scar/defect revision.


Textured, anatomical tissue expanders have the following benefits in patients who have undergone a mastectomy:

• Highly predictable outcome.

• Generate a customised tissue pocket perfectly shaped for permanent prosthesis.

• Increase tissue area of the breast.

• Minimise capsular contracture and implant migration.

• Maintain well-defined inframammary line

• Fewer nipple deviation. • Satisfaction with breast aesthetics following mastectomy.

• Improved body image, self-esteem, sexual feeling, and attractiveness.