Vital Injector 3

Vital Injector3 is a device that evenly delivers solutions to the skin using multi-needles. Various types of solutions can be injected to improve skin moisturization, elasticity, and texture. Vacuum function and multi needle enable accurate and uniform injection with minimal drug loss for safe and effective treatment.

Vital Injector 3 is an effective drug delivery system designed to inject drug to various treatment areas. Vacuum function and various 3 types of needle enables accurate and uniformed injection without any drug loss for safe and effective treatment.

3 types of needle minimizes patients pain for safe and effective treatment. uniform and accurate injection enhances patients satisfaction .

An advanced anti-contamination system effectively protect patients and the device from contaminant. The closest filter with the injection site is designed as single-use that enhance hygienic of treatment. The secondary air filter has the Structure to easy disassemble.

Designed to protect the user from accidental needlestick injuries. Vital injector3 has a display screen that displays the injection information. User can set the Depth (needle insertion depth), Dose, Velocity and Vacumm level by simple operation of the Ul.


  • Ergonomic & Innovative design for increased working comfort and hand support.
  • Accurate & Precise Injection
  • Delivers small dosages
  • Even distribution of volume over large skin areas for predictable treatment results
  • Easy treatment of versatile areas such as the face, neck, decolletage and hands.
  • Accommodates High Viscosity