Designed to ensure more control, precision and safety, SAFER FAGA Medical is a equipment that uses ultrasonic technology to promote the detachment of the adipócitory of its adjacent structures.

Preserve blood vessels, muscle fibers and connective tissues.  It facilitates the removal of fat.

PROBES in titanium provide a perfect performance of resonance and wave diffusion, generating facilitation of fat withdrawal in primary and secondary cases of liposuction.

PROBES in Titanium

Diameter 3.7 mm. Length 30 cm.
Resonant elements 100% in titanium
Accuracy in the frequency of waves.
Reliable resonance.
Accurate emulsification.


PROBES solid in titanium.
Wave frequency: 36 khertz.
Adjustable power.
Control box with touch screen display.
Visualization of partial and total use time.
A sound warning of use.
Continuous operation mode and SAFER (pulsed).
Available with 2 pedals.
Electrically isolated and shielded
100% autoclavable.
Automatic Bivolt.
1 year guarantee against manufacturing addictions. . . .
ANVISA record no. 80436220063.