GCA Testicular Implants ES

GCA manufactures a full range of testicular implants pre-filled with silicone gel. The shell of these implants is made of a number of layers of medical-quality silicone elastomers, with an excellent mechanical performance. A central layer, called the ‘barrier layer’, has been specially formulated to minimise the permeability of the shell to the silicone gel. These implants have a tab at the top to attach them to the surrounding tissue.


• Oval shape.

• Smooth surface.

.• ParaGel™: high cohesive, medical grade gel, provides controlled gel distribution.

• Disc-shaped closure patch.

• Fixation tab attached to the upper pole of the device which permits the attaching of the implants to surrounding tissues.



Testicular implants are indicated for the following:

• Cosmetic Augmentation Surgery

• Reparative surgery

• Gender reassignment surgery

• Cases of congenital malformation, injury and/or testicular disease