ARGO Plasma

PartnershipFAGA Medicaland e e the EMED with the I for the application of argon plasma in plastic surgery.
A new chapter of plastic surgery.

Argo Plasma ionizes the atoms of argon gas, forming a highly consistent and modulated plasma, which will act in the fibroconnective tissue, promoting collagen contraction and consequent skin retraction.

Argon gas is a biologically inert and highly safe noble gas applied for many years in medicine. Its properties ensure temperature stability during the procedure.


The energy generated allows a selective impact on collagen-rich fibroconnective tissues.
Lasting effect of collagen contraction.
The effect of neocolagenesis.
Safety, effectiveness and repeatability of the process.
High level of modulation and accuracy in the control of the thermal effect.
Uninterrupted operation even for long and frequent activations.
The properties of argon ensure effective tissue cooling by perfect modulation of plasma generation.
Minimizing the risk of tissue carbonization and smoke generation.
Shorter period of postoperative convalescence.

Operated with purity medicinal argon level 4.8 or 5.0.

Cylinders of 1m3 argon (1000 liters) – yield of 6 to 9 surgeries (facility in transport).
Cylinder of 1.5m3 or 10m3 – difficulty transport (hospitals and private clinics).

Pressure regulating valve accompanies the equipment.
The electrical installation requires 220V with mandatory grounding.


Transport case.
Energy Generator.
Multifunctional pedal.
Pressure regulator valve.