PERLE™, by GC Aesthetics®, is the novel round breast implant with (R)evolutionary BioQ™–surface technology and highly cohesive Emunomic™ Breast Tissue Dynamic Gel. PERLE™ is the evolution of smooth opaque breast implants to give patients and surgeons a new alternative for aesthetic and reconstruction procedures.

Main features:

• Round Smooth Opaque Silicone Breast Implant.
• (R)evolutionary BioQ™ -Surface designed with reverse technology for optimal harmonisation with the tissue.
• Dinamic Emunomic™ Gel: 6th Generation Gel, highly cohesive it provides projection, fullness and firmmess.
• The implant is 100% gel-filled.
• Enhanced GCA® Ultra-link shell: Optimum cross-linking in our proprietary formula for a resistant yet soft shell.
• Advanced RRE™ Patch: Extremely elastic patch/shell interface properties.
• Versatile range of sizes and profiles.