VIBROFIT is the Vibratory Lipospiration device that uses a high-performance motor coupled to liposuction cannulaizing and intensifying the movements of back and forth of traditional liposuction.

Instrumental instrumental and instrument

The pulsation of the Cânula coupled to VIBROFIT allows the removal of localized fat by easy penetration into the adipose tissue, giving the surgeon a better tactical condition in the “sculpture” of the body.


1, Largest volume aspirated/minute
2, Ease of access to critical regions
3, Increased comfort to the doctor and patient
4, A short learning curve
5, High efficiency in secondary liposuction

The result

Products of the VIBROFIT family(TENT)provide a postoperative with lower edema, in addition to greater shrinkage of the skin in the operated areas.
Easy adherence to the surgical proposal and use of cutting-edge technology determine greater patient loyalty.

Characteristics of

Ergonomic design
Light and practical
Automatic Bivolt
Silent (Beferred to 65 decibels)
Reach up to 5000 ppm
Custom FAGA Medical Ensands
Easy assembly and operation
01 year warranty against manufacturing addictions
– Full technical assistance FAGA Medical
FAGA Medical Quality
Company with certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices of ANVISA
Company with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification
Product Certified – INMETRO
Registration at ANVISA 80436220029

Follow up

Two Cannues of Liposuction FAGA Medical
Control box with speed indicator
Remote drive pedal
Silicone Aspiration Hose
Silicone control cable
Stainless steel clamping wrench
User Manual
Transport case