HydroCone™ Surgical support

HydroCone™, the GCA® implant insertion device that will help you to achieve a better outcome, by optimising your time during surgery and reducing risk of complications.

Product features:
• Sterile, single patient use instrument for the delivery of gel implants made from a clear polymeric material that is soft and flexible.
• Designed to make inserting all breast gel implants easier.
• Inner surface has a coating made of hyaluronic acid, extremely slippery when hydrated with sterile saline solution.
• Packaged in a sterile double pouch system.

Key Benefits on using HydroCone™ in surgery:
Safety: Employs minimal-touch delivery technique which may reduce post-operative complications.
Convenience: Helps to distribute the force applied to the implant. Ease of insertion which may reduce surgery time or make the procedure more efficient.
Broad usage: Designed to work with silicone implants and with different surgical approaches.