3 Max

How does it work? 3-MAX combines Ultra-Cavitation, Stable Multi-Polar & Bi-Polar RF and Vacuum technologies. It is designed to boost body contouring and fat & cellulite reduction, The Bi-polar applicator is specially designed for eye & neck lifting. This multi purposed device can satisfy the patients’ needs with dynamic and powerful vibration effects.


A . Body Applicator
The optimized RF technology special suction system has the effects of 1Mhz Multipolar RF/ Vacuum/Red LED Light Therapy and provides 4 types of dynamic and powerful vibrations for perfect and safe treatments without any pain.

B . Cavitation Applicator
Powerful cavitational performance by dual generator Stable & Effective 36KHz frequency Operating signal light function Effect to deep fat lay treatment Short treatment time, No-pain, Long lasting result.

C . Face Applicator
2Mhz Bipolar RF/Vacuum Specialized Bi-Polar Facial applicator allows to perform eye& neck treatment Dynamic & strong vibration effect by special pneumatic suction system Dramatic Facial lifting effect / Promote lymphatic drainage Various Vacuum pulse available.

D . Screen & Control board
You can select a type of the hand piece you want to use on the LCD screen. Select “Cavitation/RF & Vacuum” for the body Select “RF & Vacuum” for the face.

E . Integrated TechnologyTM
The Integrated Technology represents 3-MAX’s specialized combined technology from RF, Vacuum technologies. At Body Applicator combined Multi-Polar RF, Vacuum technologies, it works in same time and this makes it possible to accuracy and efficiency treatment.