Calf Implants

GCA Calf implants can be used for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes to enhance calf shape or size or to correct deformities resulting from injury or disease that may result in muscle deterioration. These implants are also used for implant replacement.

Main Features:

GCA Calf implants are composed of a sealed silicone elastomer shell featuring a smooth outer surface filled with highly cohesive silicone gel. A central layer, called the ‘barrier layer’, has been formulated to minimise permeability of the shell to the silicone gel. GCA Calf implants have a disc shaped patch, facilitating the insertion of the implant. GCA Calf implants are available in both symmetrical or asymmetrical shapes and in a wide range of volumes and sizes.

The product is designed for long term implantation in patients, however they are not considered a lifetime product. Calf implants may be indicated for use for any of the following reasons:

• Calf Augmentation

• Calf Reconstruction

• Neurological diseases

• Contour correction

• Implant exchange

• Aplasia & hypoplasia