Commemoration Day | Maria Trading | November 30

Commemoration Day recognizes the sacrifices and dedication of Emirati martyrs, who have given their lives in the UAE and abroad in the field of civil, military, and humanitarian service. This year, it is being observed on November 29 across the UAE. It is not a celebration in the same way as National Day, but a day to remember and honor those who have given their lives for the UAE. It is a time that will remind the families of those who have been martyred that the UAE has not forgotten them or their sacrifice.
Dignified commemorative events will take place around the UAE, under the auspices of government institutions. At 8 am, the UAE flag will be lowered across the country (at all government and government-subsidiary premises) and will remain lowered until 11 am. It will be followed by one minute’s silence and supplication from 11.30 am to 11.31 am. After the one minute’s silence, the UAE flag will be raised again while the UAE national anthem is played.

Maria Trading Saluting all the Martyrs who have Fought for their Nation

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