How to protect yourself from summer ?

How to protect yourself from summer ?

We know that it is tough for us to be stable during the summer time. Exreme heat passed all around will make us tired and it really affect the health if we are not dealing with the summer in a proper way.

How to protect yourself from summer ?

Here are some common tips for summer season,

  • Wear light loose and comfortable clothings
  • Try to use cotton wearings during summer, this makes the excess sweat to get evaporated
  • Drink lots of water to compensate the dehydration
  • Avoid drinking bevarages with alcohol or caffeine as this speed up the dehydration process
  • Try to be cool yourself whenever get a chance
  • You can take care of your skin through skin care products

Taking care of right food is another important factor during summer that evryone have to follow. From fresh fruits to vegetables Some of the dietings are mentioned below

  • Watermelon
  • Cucumber
  • Leafy vegetables
  • Most green and water containing vegetables
  • Tender coconut water is a great way to keep us hydrated with good energy

These are some of the common information that we can follow during the summer to keep us healthy. Read and share this small usefull information to all.

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