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Happiness For All Forever
In this year we seek to unite the great human family in common purpose, to enhance and advance the happiness of individuals, organizations, communities, nations, and all of society in harmony with nature, and to ultimately achieve the happiness of all life on earth.

10 Steps to Global Happiness for 2021

  1. Tell everyone.The first step in the Ten Steps To Global Happiness, is Tell Everyone with the idea and purpose of spreading the word about the existence and mission of the International Day of Happiness. Tell Everyone is designed to be very simple such as wishing a friend, family member, professional colleague, group, or stranger a “Happy International Day of Happiness” just as one might wish someone a “Happy Birthday” or a “Happy Holidays”. The idea of Tell Everyone as the first step is also to leave an open window for creativity, and more innovative and complex ways of Telling Everyone with the broader purpose of informing as many people as possible about the International Day of Happiness. These examples include writing a song, a youtube video, or printing out and sharing the UN Happiness Resolutions in a public setting such as a school, office building, restaurant, or coffee shop. The idea is to have fun with it, and to be creative in expressing oneself while getting the news out about the International Day of Happiness.
  2. Do what makes you happy
    Do What Makes You Happy is the second step in the Ten Steps To Global Happiness annual campaign tradition and is designed to emphasize several important aspects of personal and individual happiness. The first is that happiness is a choice and comes from within. Happiness is about practicing self love, mindfulness, acting consciously, and with purpose and intention, positive energy and mindset, and celebrating the things you love that make you happy. The second step also employs the “happiness is contagious” mechanism as a way of spreading happiness to others by doing what makes one happy.
  3. Virtually attend and Celebrate a World Happiness event. 
  4. Give and Spread Happiness to Others.
    Happiness is contagious. Step 4 is to give and spread happiness to othres! Spread joy around the world simply by sharing a smile with a stranger, or reaching out to an old friend or family member. Happiness is contagious.Give and Spread Happiness to Others
  5. Celebrate
    Step 5 is to create your own #InternationalDayofHappiness or World Happiness Week celebration. Promote it on Social Media, put out a Press Release, let the world know about your Happiness Day event!
  6. Share what makes you happy on Social Media
    Sharing what makes you happy on social media connects people worldwide and spreads happiness around the planet to others, thereby increasing and elevating the happiness of all humanity
  7. Promote the Resolutions
  8. Advance the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development
  9. Enjoy Nature
    Step 9 is to get outside, enjoy nature, and connect with the environment. Some ideas are going for a hike, going to the park, visiting lakes and natural sites to get in touch with nature. Research studies from around the world have proven that spending time with nature increases happiness and well-being levels
  10. Adopt Happytalism
    Step 10 is to adopt and spread a more holistic, inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes sustainable development, poverty eradication, happiness and the well-being of all peoples, such as Happytalism



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