International Men’s Day-November 19

International Men's Day, best aesthetic product in uae

19th November is celebrated as International Men’s Day. The celebrations started in 1992 for the first time by Professor Thomas Oaster as a way of acknowledging contribution of men to the society and family.  The theme for International Men’s Day 2019 is “Making A Difference For Men And Boys“. The theme focuses on the need to value men and boys and enable people to make improvements in the areas of health and well-being of men’s and boys.

A real man does not care about what other people think about him, and he just does what he has to do to have peace within him, Happy Men’s Day

So, in honor of Men’s Day, we’re taking a look at the good, bad and fascinating things that make men’s skin so unique.

Thick-Skinned: Thick skin on the face can be classified as having a rough texture. The epidermis, too, can have more buildup. The pores appear to be larger and more compacted with sebum, or oil, and dirt.Thicker skin tends to be more resilient, but it can also be very oily. This congests the pores. In some cases with thicker skin types, the pores on the forehead, cheeks and chin area have an “orange peel” texture. The pores appear free of congestion, but they look larger and have the same consistency of an actual orange peel.

Youth is Skin Deep:In addition to thicker skin, men have a higher collagen density (collagen to skin thickness ratio) than women, which some researchers believe is why women appear to age faster than men. Due to intrinsic factors, like the genetically-programmed aging process, a woman’s skin will appear up to 15 years older than a man’s of the same age.

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