Maintenance & After Sales Support

after sales support

After Sales Service

Maria Trading has a well- established After Sales & Service team under the Engineering Unit. After sales & Service provides the planning, installation and maintenance of medical equipment including diagnostic for various systems by highly qualified and well trained engineers. In addition, the department provides 24/7 of the consulting services and other After Sales Services. Service representatives participate in regular manufacturer and in-house training programs, and receives specialized instructions in areas ensuring optimal service performance and maintenance management.
The department has successfully combined personal expertise with the demands of the secondary markets for healthcare related assets to create company offering professional skills, knowledge and expertise within the medical equipment marketplace.
Moreover, we have a dedicated workshop where minor and major repairs are being serviced.

Select & Relax

Maria Trading providing ‘Select and relax’ service. Simply, this service allows you to select a maintenance package and let our qualified engineers to do the rest.
For each package, we will provide you a full report of the work been done, before/after pictures, quotations, fast delivery service and warranty period according to the selected package.

Yearly Contracts

Maria Trading provides a yearly maintenance contract(s). Customers now can easily select a desired maintenance package(s) and our management will arrange a full maintenance contract according to the selected package(s).

Agreement contract will contains the following:

1- Machine name(s).
2- Serial number(s).
3- Agreement content and obligations.
4- Dates and signatures (for both parties).
5- Terms and conditions.

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