Maria Trading supplies Korea’s dermal filler thread to Arabic Gulf region

Maria Trading, one of the leading medical device distributors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), said it has partnered up with a Korean company, NEO Dr., to supply the latest medical aesthetic products to the Arabic Gulf region.

Under the accord, Maria Trading will not only supply NEO Dr.’s Mono & Cog based threads, but especially their patented JAMBER thread, a fine spring-type scaffold thread that adds volume to the recessed area, to countries in the Gulf region. The contract will last for three years with a minimum of $1.2 million in order.

JAMBER has three line-ups depending on the area of application and function. JAMBER I specializes in the skin around the eye area, and JAMBER F is for thread lifting and could be used with filler. The third product, JAMBER TANXING, is specialized in caring for the nose tip.

The product prevents filler from sagging, delays absorption to allow optimized contour and long-lasting volume with reduced risks of irritation or side effects on blood vessels. In addition, it helps maintain skin contour after injection and allows flexible movement depending on the facial muscles with no irritation.

Maria Trading, established in 2004 and renamed itself in 2009, is one of the leading companies in the Arabic Gulf region as a global supplier of laser and intense pulse light (IPL) machines, mesotherapy, skincare products, aesthetic and medical devices.

The company operates branches in UAE, Iraq, Oman, and Egypt, distributing excellent medical devices and aesthetic products throughout the Arabian Gulf region.

Maria Trading, which had delivered polydioxanone (PDO) suture to the market, recently decided to add the patented suture, JAMBER, developed by Neo Dr., to the regional countries to meet the rising demand for PDO suture products. The company previously agreed to supply dermal filler with lidocaine.

Maria Trading’s new partner, Neo Dr., is a medical device developer established in 2003 and has since promoted the concept of volume lifting in the aesthetic threads market with classic lifting concepts using PDO sutures as the main product.

The two companies said they hoped to enhance healthcare through medical devices, sharing similar goals and delivering the values in the UAE market through their partnership

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