Skin Management —Traditional skin beauty mainly depends on skin care products. Those active ingredients of products penetrate into skin epidermis by the manual or some old infusion technology. It’ s difficult to achieve an expected result from epidermis to the deep skin layer; In 2017 and the following few years, the innovative technology from Europe and the United States will upgrade skin management to Version 4.0, from the deep skin layer to the epidermis. That will be a new trend for beauty industry following the micro- plastic surgery and semi permanent make-up.

Synergy+ Skin Management Platform: With the modern technology of skin care from Europe and the United States, the skin management platform 4.0 integrates four novel technologies: Aqua Technology, OxyGemeo™ Technology, QuaPollar™ Technology and uCosmo™ Technology. This skin management platform achieves the effects from the deep skin layer to the epidermis:skin deep cleaning,nutrition, hydration, MeoBright™, MeoRevive™, penetration & infusion, skin tightening & wrinkle removal, enriching oxygen content in blood and reviving skin cells.