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Summer has to be one of our favorite times of the year. The sun’s out for a start, everyone’s in shorts and dresses, everyone’s happy. Yep, summer really is the time of year for us. One of the best things about traveling is you get to chase summer around the world, constantly getting the best weather out of each country.

Some of you might gasp at the idea of staying in Dubai and the UAE when the weather warms up. However, with a little careful planning and strategic use of your day, there are still plenty of ways you can holiday within the UAE over the summer.

Some of the top destinations for a summer staycation in the UAE are

  • Al Aqah Beach, Fujairah
  • Al Marjan Island, Ras Al Khaimah
  • Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi
  • The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Winter is the season for hibernation, Summer is the season for social engagements and beach volley. Today in our world, people are obsessed with someone’s body shape and body size. While enjoying yourself on the beach how many times has someone told you that you don’t look good enough? or that your curves are not the right size or shape?. Don’t worry be happy we have solutions for you. in the modern aesthetic world, there are too many devices which are used for body Sculpting. Coolshaping is one of the best and 100% result oriented device which is used for body sculpting.

Body sculpting is the common treatment in the summer season. Body shaping is a treatment that removes fat deposits under the skin. There are many types of treatments that fall under body sculpting. Maria Trading has a wide range of slimming devices. Coolshaping is one of the best body shaping devices in the beauty world. Coolshaping System Integrated Technology by Cryo, Vacuum and LED Synergistically utilizing Cooling lipolysis, Vacuum and LED to reduce fat cells and breaking down the fat. Coolshaping offers the most advanced body slimming solution by integrated technology. The system delivers cryo-energy during the treatment with vacuum and LED technologies which is enhancing the treatment effects. Coolshaping offers non-invasive cryo cooling to reduce fat cells and breaking down the fat.


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